Tour Operators, Travel Agents & OTA's

Whether you're a tour operator, travel agent or OTA, Flexitech's Mobile-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions are packed with features specifically designed to increase customer engagement, improve customer experience and create new opportunities for revenue growth.

Key Features
  • Key Features

    The Ultimate Digital Companion

    Leverage our mobile app solutions to provide your customers with essential travel information and relevant content before, during & after every trip. Key features include:

    • Multi-element Itinerary
    • Group Chat/Messenger
    • Photo Sharing
    • Offline Maps & POI
    • In-app Feedback
    • Crew/Staff features
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  • Enhance Customer Experience

    "By 2020, 89% of customers will shift to companies providing better customer experience"

    Enhance your customers experience by providing an all-in-one mobile application from which your business can deliver personalised travel information before, during & after every trip.

    With offline maps, travel guides and interactive itineraries, Flexitech's mobile solutions will arm your customers with the tools they need from the moment their trip is booked right through to the time they return home and beyond.

  • Increase Customer Engagement

    "By 2020, 85% of a customer’s brand experience will occur without any human interaction"

    Leverage our mobile solutions to increase engagement with your brand. From digital itineraries and curated travel tips to in-app messages and timely push notifications, our apps help create a more engaged customer experience before, during and after every trip.

  • Earn Additional Revenue

    "85 percent of leisure travellers choose activities after their arrival"

    Create new opportunities for revenue growth by providing relevant and actionable content throughout the customer journey. From travel insurance and activity bookings to transfers or car rentals, our mobile app solutions can help generate meaningful post-booking revenue for your business.