Travel Management Companies

Flexitech's range of innovative Mobile-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions have been specifically designed to provide TMC's with the digital tools they need to service today's ever-connected business traveller.

Key Features
  • Key Features

    The Ultimate Digital Assistant

    With an increased need for consumer grade tools in business travel, our mobile solutions allow TMC's to better engage with its customers before, during and after every trip. Key features include:

    • Multi-Element Itinerary
    • Flight Alerts
    • Offline Maps (w/directions)
    • Budget & Expenses
    • Policy Information
    • Safety & GPS tracking
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  • Improve Customer Experience

    "Employees should not come to work to use tools that are worse than the tools they use at home" - Sean Ryan, Facebook

    Today's business travellers demand consumer-grade experience  from their travel providers: elegant design, intuitive and of course -  mobile.

    Flexitech's range of innovative mobile solutions provides TMC's with the kind of cutting-edge  technology required to deliver personalised, relevant and meaningful content to today's traveller at every stage of the customer journey.

  • Automate Information Delivery

    "The leading concern of business travellers is delayed flights - 73%"

    Whether it is a change of booking, flight delay or risk management updates, travellers demand timely and relevant delivery of content direct to their mobile devices.

    With Flexitech's flexible API, TMC's can connect multiple source systems to automate the delivery of travel information to its customers in real time - no matter where they are.

  • Value-Add Services

    "Half of Asia business travellers are planning a bleisure trip this year, compared to 41% of North Americans & 32% of Europeans"

    By 2020 Millennials will make up over 1/3 of  the global workforce and unlike other generations they are known to want to include leisure elements to business trips.

    TMC's can leverage Flexitech's mobile app solutions to provide additional leisure based services to its customers to keep pace with the ever growing demand for "bleisure" travel.